Mitr Phuluang's crushing result in production year


Turnkey project, designed & installed by Allied-Tek was on time started crushing on December12th., 2012 and closed on April 5th, 2013 for the crushing season year 2012/2013 showing outstanding performance, ranking the first among all 5 factories installed and started  commissioning at the same period.
reliability - no mechanical break-down., good efficiency.
Results till April 5th., 2013
1,501,225.510 tons cane crushed
89 - 94 % P.I.
78 - 82.5% first mill extraction., 96.85% overall
1.7% bagasse pol
47 - 49 % bagasse moisture.

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Cane Mill

Roller type Cane Mill with 3-crushing rolls, 2-feeding rolls & 1-underfeed roll. Mill extraction efficiency & power consumption are optimzed by minimum included angle 73 degree. Vertically move perforated TOP Roll under standard hydraulics pressure of 3,000 psi. Water cooled LBC3 bronze bearings and auto grease lubrication. Turner plates, scraper and side plates are wear resistance by weld hardfacing. Drive shall be VFD motor and planetary gears.